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Will DOT and the MTA Prioritize Parking Over Tens of Thousands of B82 Riders?

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It looks like the MTA and DOT are altering the plan for Select Bus Service for the B82 to appease elected officials who don’t want to make room for bus riders on Kings Highway.

Serving 28,000 trips a day, the B82 is a critical east-west route across southern Brooklyn, connecting to dozens of other transit lines. Service is notoriously unreliable, in large part because buses are mired in traffic and blocked by double-parked vehicles. There are long waits as riders line up to dip their MetroCards. Buses move at an average speed of under 7 miles per hour, bunching is common, and fewer than half of B82 buses arrive on time.

Outreach for B82 SBS dates to 2015. Since then, DOT has held dozens of public meetings on the project, surveying business people and local residents, including hundreds of bus riders.

With dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare collection, and all-door

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