5 Reasons You Should Always Buy a Rotisserie Chicken — Shopping

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Have you ever wondered why the readymade, warm-and-waiting-for-you rotisserie chicken at grocery stores is so cheap? At Whole Foods, for example, a rotisserie chicken costs $8.99 on a regular day and just $6.99 on Wednesdays. (By comparison, the store charges around $4-$5 per pound for whole, uncooked organic chickens.)

Here’s another fun fact: Costco alone sells something like 70 million a year — and they do so at a financial loss.

So, what gives?

An exhaustive story in Priceonomics explained that the reason the rotisserie chickens seems so cheap is that they are usually smaller than the similarly priced cold ones in your grocery store’s refrigerator section. Even still, we’d argue rotisserie chicken is always a good deal. Here are five reasons why.


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