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Cough Button Funnin’

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The Mets are still doing very well, and Brian and Roger are happy about that! But there’s still plenty of questions. They are happy though!

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After the boys of Good Fundies watched the Mets finish blowing a game against the Nationals (02:00), the two questioned whether such ‘shocking’ defeats were truly ‘shocking’ (03:00) Then they talked about Travis d’Arnaud’s season-ending injury and what it means for the catching situation (08:00), Zack Wheeler’s great start (19:00), and Matt Harvey’s not so good at all start (21:10), before Brian updated us with the latest METCON reading (28:00) and the telling stats on how much Mickey Callaway is truly relying on the team bullpen (33:00).

Then in the mailbag, the two figured out if Jay Bruce would be better as a catcher than Michael Conforto (41:00), when Bruce should just go play first already and give Brandon Nimmo more playing time (44:30), how to enjoy being a Mets fan if it means crappy Mets fans get to be happy too (52:15), when Jose Reyes gets the boot for T.J. Rivera or Ty Kelly or Gavin Cecchini (01:15:25), what friends call Noah Syndergaard (01:18:45), and if you’d be okay with a significant other cheating on you with a Met if it means three consecutive Mets pennants (01:19:15). It concluded with a congested Roger trying to channel Jack Buck calling the Bill Buckner play (01:21:10).

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