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Every neuron fired up at once

A blindsided lucidity I have rarely felt before

Much less codified

Suddenly I had returned to Tompkins Square Park

Before St. Marks Place became a strip mall

I could see you in the coffee shop at twilight

I could feel the stiffening breeze

I could sense the approaching light

The leviathan at the end of my world

Erasing all that came before

If I did not move I would be enveloped

And I did not care …

And then I awoke from the fever

Back to present day

Back to comfortable surroundings

You are not a ghost that I can summon

No way to simply ask how you are doing

Without uncovering forgotten land mines

It would be best to leave the earth

Remaining from the ending light undisturbed

May you be free from fever dreams

Now and forever

Any may my spirit never come to you if not summoned

For the sake of all.

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