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Making it in NYC: The Footnotes¹

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By: Serena Smith

The author with a fresh manicure.1. Uncertainty is the birthplace of the best adventures.If you’re unsure if you want to live in New York, do it.²If you’re terrified, you’re doing it right.If you want to move away from New York during your first six months here, don’t do it.³ Give it a fighting chance and reevaluate after a year if you’re still unhappy.If you love music, cultural diversity, art, fashion, food, human beings, politics, science, drinking, fitness, technology, sights/smells, film, innovation, animals, business, or beauty, you’re in the right place! New York offers all this (and more).⁴It’s going to suck while you’re subletting an Airbnb with total randoms in a strange neighborhood and making the mental adjustment to fork over one billion⁵ dollars a month for a room that was intended to be a coat closet. But you gotta hang in there. I promise it gets so much better.There are surprisingly few native New

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