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Manhattan Characters

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“A backpacker in a knit cap in the streets of New York at night” by Anubhav Saxena on Unsplash

An old woman shuffling down the street
Looking as if this is an eternal exercise,
She has a certain purpose in her movements
Difficult for an observer to identify.

A group of teenagers dominating the sidewalk
Bantering among themselves as they float along,
They stop only to enter a winding line
Waiting for entrance to Abercrombie & Fitch.

An elderly couple with hands interlocked
Peering in store windows on their walk,
An intimacy apparent from years together
Now absorbed in the sheer pleasure of this moment.

The young woman in her thirties acting as hostess
In the French restaurant, a fixture of the neighborhood,
With a pleasant smile punctuating her pretty face
She calmly seats the regulars with dignity and grace.

A homeless veteran amidst the lights and glitter
Begging for money and recognition in Times Square,
Across the street a woman in bedraggled old coat
Fighting the cold and sharing his plight.

The wizened gentleman behind

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