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Small Acts of Random Kindness

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I had moved to New York for Techstars, a tech accelerator, with my team at the end of 2016. And on the 1st morning of the accelerator, we were traveled in from Bushwick, on the subway.

There was a delay on the subway, so we were almost running late, but I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. So I stopped at a tiny food van on 6th Ave to grab a quick bagel.

As I was ordering (in my Australian accent, mixed with 10 years in Amsterdam), I looked in my wallet and realized I didn’t have any cash on me. I told the food van guy — ‘sorry, I’ll need to go to the bank and come back’ (though in reality I didn’t have time and would have to skip breakfast).

He smiled a very friendly smile and said ‘don’t worry about it, you can pay me next time’.

At this point he didn’t know if I lived in NYC,

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