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Why Morais Dicks Supports Educational Causes

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Morais Dicks, esteemed entrepreneur and owner of real estate investment company Progressive Global Network Corporation, owes his success to his education. Beginning from his early childhood years, Morais grew up thriving on educational challenges. Living in Jamaica, he graduated from Meadowbrook High School, where he developed unmatched skills, that later in life, brought him to the big city, New York, to become an accomplished businessman.

To this day, Morais continually donates to local schools and Meadowbrook High School, to promote the importance of education. Morais has a passion for helping underprivileged communities to access education in order to build a stronger community and break the cycle of poverty. As someone who understands how valuable education can be to furthering one’s overall life, he believes no individual should be stripped of their basic rights to learn.

Morais Dicks donates to Meadowbrook High School in New York.

By supporting school projects, Morais and other philanthropists are able

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