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Trottenberg in No Hurry to Accelerate Rollout of Traffic Signals That Speed Up Buses

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One of the big bottlenecks to faster bus service is at NYC DOT, which is slow-rolling implementation of technology that reduces the amount of time buses spend stopped at red lights, known as transit signal priority, or TSP. Yesterday, City Council members pressed DOT to accelerate installation, but Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said the agency doesn’t plan to adjust its current plans.

Transit signal priority relies on technology that enables buses and traffic signals to communicate, so green lights can be held or red lights shortened for approaching buses. The hardware is now ubiquitous, installed on all MTA buses and traffic signals in the city. All that remains is the planning work.

But DOT only intends to implement signal priority on 20 bus routes by the end of 2020. That would leave 92 percent of bus routes without its benefits.

Testifying at the City Council yesterday, Trottenberg said the agency

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