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Two surfers designed a hotel on wheels for following waves

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The Truck Surf Hotel is exactly what it sounds like: a hotel. For surfers. On a specially designed, expandable truck. Why limit yourself to one location when you can go to the best waves, no matter how far removed from civilization they are, and still go to sleep in a comfy room each night?

Unsurprisingly, this moving hotel was designed by surfers: Its owners Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro.  “The idea came from Eduardo,” Carneiro says over email. “He started searching for motorhomes and realized there was nothing that already existed with the comfort and flexibility he wanted to travel with guests, so he presented the idea to the company and the result was amazing.”

[Photo: Daniela Carneiro]

Carneiro says they planned and built the truck working with a specialized Portuguese motorhome company–and that the construction process involved working almost every day for nine months.

That, in part, is because this is no normal motorhome. When it’s not in motion, the vehicle uses hydraulics to extend its interiors beyond the truck bed with moving walls,  increasing the available interior space. Carneiro says that every individual or couple–up to a maximum of ten people–has their own private double room with a key card, a comfortable bed, air conditioning, and wireless internet. While this isn’t the first expandable motorhome, the sheer scale of the double-height space is impressive.

[Photo: Ases Vorazes]

“It has the luxurious touches of a five-star hotel, but you must keep in mind that it is a truck after all,” Carneiro points out. Think of it as a cozy cabin that feels like a house–except it has a different view every day. On the truck’s first floor there’s a common area where the owners serve a breakfast buffet every morning. The rooms are on the top floor and each of them has wide glass windows that give each room plenty of natural light and views. The toilet and the shower are common for all guests.

The two-floor hotel on wheels travels to the best surfing spots in Portugal and Morocco. Carneiro says that the hotel moves three or four times per week, exploring nearby areas at each destination using another van that can carry the surfboards and all the necessary gear. “At the end of each day, everyone takes a warm shower in the mothership, enjoy the sunset and, some nights, we all cook dinner together outside and enjoy,” she says.

[Photo: Ases Vorazes]

In the summer, they do week-long surf and adventure trips through Portugal, going between Sines and Lagos, two little towns in the southern regions of Alentejo and Algarve. In winter, they switch to Morocco–between Essaouira, a picturesque town in the Atlantic coast of the country, and Agadir, a city in the southern Atlantic coast, right at the foot of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Packages start at $725 per week–and if they offered a summer-long Hammock Sleeping package with grilled fresh fish and Alentejo wine, I’d sign up right now.

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