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CityViews: Want to Make Schools Safer? End the School-to-Prison Pipeline

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The brave and resilient youth from Parkland, Fla., have reminded our country that young people are powerful change agents and when we give them a platform to be heard they will demonstrate that those closest to the issues have the solutions we need. This week, a group of young, brave and resilient youth from my district traveled to Albany to remind the state legislature now is the time for us to listen to young people right here in New York and embrace their solutions for safe, supportive, and inclusive school communities.

For two years, high school youth from across New York City, as part of the statewide Safe and Supportive Schools Coalition have been advocating for New York to pass the Judge Judith S. Kaye Safe and Supportive Schools Act to end the school-to-prison pipeline and bring New York into line with 21st Century approaches to school discipline. The legislation shifts schools from punitive, zero-tolerance approaches to discipline, towards restorative approaches that keep students in class and build stronger relationships between students, educators and families.

In 2014, the Department of Education and Department of Justice released a joint memo outlining school discipline guidance to ensure discipline policies

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