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Eyes on the Street: Heavy Blocks and Barricades on Prospect Park Loop

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Just ahead of Memorial Day weekend, blocks and metal fencing have gone up at two points along the Prospect Park loop. The obstacles are intended to slow cyclists at major pedestrian crossings, but they form narrow chokepoints that may create more problems than they solve.

The cubes are located by the bandshell on the west side of the park and at the bottom of the hill on the southwest leg of the loop, according to reports on Reddit and Twitter.

What’s up with the concrete barriers in prospect park. At the band shell and at the lake. #prospectpark. #bikenyc

— Bicycle Habitat (@BicycleHabitat) May 25, 2018

The Prospect Park Alliance said DOT decided to install the pinch points. DOT said the agency installed the barriers “at the request of the Alliance for safety purposes.”

The bottom of the hill, where cyclists accumulate speed as they approach the crossing,

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