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CityViews: To Fix the Gowanus Expressway, it’s Time to Bury it

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Kenneth Dellaquila

‘The Gowanus Expressway holds neighborhoods back—creating a painful traffic bottleneck, polluting otherwise residential neighborhoods and separating waterfront communities from the rest of Brooklyn with an aging highway.’

As our city continues to grow, signs that our infrastructure is failing to keep up are all around us. The MTA has some of the worst on-time rates of any system in the country; regular failures of the tunnels between New Jersey and New York shut down Amtrak for days.

In a time of emergency, looking past what’s directly in front of us seems impossible—but we must make room for big thinking and long-term planning to truly resolve the infrastructure crises that plague us.

Which is why we are resurrecting an innovative idea – initially presented decades ago – to bury six miles of the Gowanus Expressway, from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the Verrazano Bridge.

It may not feel like the most urgent infrastructural priority for New York’s commuters or elected officials, who will be well out of office by the time any ribbons are cut– but few projects will bring as many jobs, as much clean air, as high a quality of life or as much positive growth to

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