How To Pack For Every Summer Social Event

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If you’re like us, you’ve spent the past few months doing the following: dressing inappropriately for the ever-fluctuating weather, ordering takeout because the bodega just seems too damn far, and skimping on workouts because of allergies and general spring malaise. Quite frankly, we’re done with any season that’s not summer, so thank goodness it’s finally here.

Given that there are a limited number of weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day (15 to be exact), we narrowed down our top six summer bucket-list plans — and exactly what you need to make the most of them. Off to the shore? A striped suit and Australian Gold sunscreen are absolute musts. A lofty weekend frolicking in the countryside? Your obligatory afternoon picnic would be incomplete without a cozy Turkish towel and a linen jumpsuit. Regardless of the locale you choose to spend that precious 60 hours in, read on for your ultimate, curated packing guide. Then, run for the hills (maybe quite literally), and enjoy your much-needed time OOO. TGIF.

A Time To Glamp
When nature calls, it’s best to answer — the fresh air will do you good! But there’s no need to rough it; a weekend away glamping is an activity we can get behind. Before you get going, remove your makeup with some easy-to-use wipes to let your skin breathe it all in. Hiking sneakers are a must, of course. Pick a pair that will look cute on the mountain and in the street when you return to civilization. Good thing athleisure isn’t going anywhere, because this is an occasion when form definitely meets function. As for tunes, a portable speaker makes it easy to bop from campsite to campsite — and maybe even forget how much you’re sweating. Whew.

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The Ultimate Staycation
Let’s be real: We’re always here for self-care Sunday. It’s our favorite excuse for throwing responsibility to the wind in favor of binging reality cult documentaries and ordering enough tikka masala to feed a small family. But sometimes, especially in the hotter months when our social calendar runneth over with barbecues and friends visiting from out of town, that precious alone time needs to last all weekend long. Enter the staycation, where everything is cozy and no activity is too indulgent. Naturally, supplies are necessary. Reach for your favorite comfy-cute hoodie and a chic throw blanket to lounge most effectively, and make sure to keep a juicy read nearby. When you finally turn in (5 p.m.? 5 a.m.? Who cares!), throw on a silk eye mask for optimal beauty sleep.

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A Weekend On The Coast
We’ve been daydreaming about lobster rolls and piña coladas for months, and it’s finally time to hit the sand. This year, we’re dubbing our go-to coastal essentials our own curated “resort collection,” because we’re fancy like that. A one-piece bathing suit in a fun pattern and cute sunnies are obvious additions, but when it comes to sunscreen, the old bottle at the bottom of your bag from last Labor Day is not an option. Our absolute fave? Australian Gold’s Botanical SPF 30 Mineral Lotion. It’s packed with antioxidants and botanicals straight from the land down under, it’s water resistant for up to 80 (!) minutes, and it gives you a powdery finish so you can hop from the sand bar to the beach bar minus the greasy cheeks. And in case you’re in need of a good Insta post, chill out on a frond-shaped beach towel that’ll make you look like a mermaid just by lying there. Enlist a friend with a steady hand to get the shot.

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That Country Living
We find that this season leaves room for a little high/low living. Some summer afternoons are for cheap beer on your fire escape, and some are for indulging in the finer things, like a picnic in your Sunday best. If you’re feeling the latter, go all out and live your best life — whether you’re making the trek to a quaint little town nearby or pretending the park by your apartment is an English rose garden. Channel a tea-party aesthetic with an effortlessly glamorous linen dress and a Turkish towel to lounge on in the grass. To transport your lunch spread in style, repurpose a woven pool bag into a makeshift picnic basket, and store your wine in a handy metal canteen (it happens to hold and entire bottle of vino — do what you wish with that information). And don’t forget sunscreen; a few shady trees can’t do all the work. Pinkies up, ladies.

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Road Tripping
Setting your OOO message on a summer Friday + your always-down roomies + a spontaneous streak = a girls’ weekend that’s the stuff of buddy comedies. Whether you’re heading to a cabin upstate or to the coast for oysters and rosé, getting there is half the adventure, so pack accordingly. Start by filling a go-anywhere pastel backpack with the “we’ve got eight hours to go and I’d like to feel human at the end of this” essentials. Some trendy sunnies will keep rays out of your eyes when you’re (obviously) sitting shotgun, and a travel journal will ensure you remember every single inside joke from the road. Load up on gas-station snacks, and cue your perfectly curated playlist. Life is a highway, and we want to ride it…yeah, you get it.

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A Night Weekend On The Town
Summer brings out the frisky side in all of us: We’re down to see the sights, stay out late, have one more martini, and hop around until we’ve had our fun. If it’s one of those weekends when you’re out and about in the city, it’s time to get a little extra with your look. For a ‘fit that’s attention grabbing yet comfortable enough to hop from the MoMA to the dance floor, reach for a floral jumpsuit and block-heeled sandals that won’t kill your heels. Then stock your cute-but-convenient leather fanny pack with travel-size accessories — like texturizing spray and an eyeshadow palette — for primping in the bathroom mirror. Voilá, you’re fabulous — though you surely knew that already.

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