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Let’s Have a Sober Conversation About Scooters

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Lime (and later Bird) brazenly launched a fleet of for-rent electric scooters on Denver streets without the city’s blessing.

Some thought the scooters, deployed at the beginning of the Memorial Day Weekend, were a fun and cheap way to traverse the city. Others liked the idea of the scooter-share service but worried — rightfully so — that they’d block the paths of pedestrians and wheelchair users.

Then there were the less sober takes. 9News, for example, was quick to tribalize people who use them as drunks and “bros” or something. And while other disruptive transportation services like Uber and Lyft, which add traffic and pollution while clogging bike lanes, get a pass, some Denverites lashed out at the comparably tiny, slow, smog-free, and inexpensive tools because they didn’t like looking at them.

Emotions being what they are, there are also some facts to consider.

There’s demand for the scooters

It’s easy to see, especially during rush hour

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